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Icontent is a shared icon journal between five girls: blumchen, chibuni, fatali, mannequinskin, and riven. We are currently *not* looking for new iconists, but are always happy to affiliate!

The Rules

The community is public accessible, anybody can use our icons. We just ask that if you use our graphics, to please credit us or link back, so that others may find this journal. It helps other people find more icons, should they be interested in the others you're using. Please, do *not* claim our work as your own or display our icons on your own page without our permission or a link back here.


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This layout was created by blumchen using Adobe Photoshop 7 and notepad.
Artwork donated by Xyboo

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June 28th
11:35pm ]

I come bearing gifts. A new brush set, for those using Photoshop CS2 or higher. Sorry, but no Image Pack is available at this time. Credit is appreciated!

Download: Fantastical Swirls for PSCS2.

January 28th
3:28pm ]

So. I'm back, baby! And I actually have icons to share. NO WAI. Based on the feedback I recieved, Advent Children was something a lot of people wanted to see icons of. Those who know me know that I don't like RPGs, and have never touched a Final Fantasy game in my life. So coming up with phrases was hard. But.... atleast they are pretty.

+12 Advent Children IconsCollapse )

Oh, and feel free to drop images here, I'm running low on pictures to use for my graphics.

October 9th
2:14pm ]

[ mood | complacent ]

Holy crap, Blu made icons! Icons for all! :D

Katamari Damacy Icons x23Collapse )


September 26th
6:46pm ]

I did something today that I've only done once before: I made brushes. These brushes were made in Photoshop 7.0 and will not work in lower versions. An image pack is available for such a situation. The brush set includes twelve abstract brushes, but the image set only includes 11 (the twelveth would never work in PSP)


September 19th
7:17pm ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Thanks to sorceress, I renamed icontent to iconeus. Slightly more original. And no more being confused with i_consent.

Because the old layout still says icontent, I need to make a new one! wtf Manny and Riv, please read this post, kay? Yes it's secret mod stuff! Hahaha.

I've been kind busy over at blumchenlayouts, so I haven't made any icons for use yet, but I do have lots of Inuyasha layouts at my other community now, and I'll be making icons after all my commissions are done. I still have several left to do.

Mmkay, that's all. I WILL POST ICONS SOON :D


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